Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch @ Dragon-i

After reading Mun's blog, I suggested to try out this outlet in IOI City the following day.
We joined in the crowd on a busy Friday lunch hour.
This place is usually quiet on normal days, but with the RM19.80 nett set lunch, it became so 'lively'
 I ordered Szechuen la mian noodles...
It came out in a huge bowl with thick gravy...and lotsa noodles
 it was served with a fried pork bun & a half portion of 'hard boiled' egg (which supposedly to be onsen egg, but was overcooked). The egg is the appetizer.
 here are the other selection, you can choose from noodles to rice set...each of these are priced at RM19.80 nett. Click on the picture for a larger view.
 I did not manage to eat the fried pork bun after finishing that huge bowl of noodles...
I kept it for dinner and had it together with rice rolls....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Short Getaway during Wesak Day

It was a public holiday and since it was in the middle of the week, I went for a short 'escape' to the nearby hilltop.
 here's the beginning of the highway leading to the east coast
 but again I'm not heading to east after a nearby exit it turned into the road leading to that hill
 and sooner found myself enjoyin this nice view & cooling weather
 blue skies and pine trees
after awhile (less than an hour later), I was here...okay....I just passed by to 'pinjam toilet'
 went to a nearby foodcourt to have porky lunch....if u r a member, this meal costs only 6GP
 this place is it only opened 2 months ago.
 spacious & bright
 the interior is not too dull
 the vibrant green sofa is so eye capturing!
Just in case u r wondering, this place is called 'Good Luck' foodcourt and it is located inside the new casino at Sky Avenue.
and when night falls, I had abalone dinner....yumzzzz....
 with some free live shows on stage...
there goes my one day day back to reality...WORK!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Date on Monday Evening

It was 7pm and my colleague seated in the next block called...
S: Are u stayin late tonite?
Me: yea...
S: Do u feel hungry now?
Me: a lil'
S: Do you wanna hav dinner together?
Me: Definitely! (got extremely excited coz someone is asking for dinner date)
there goes me and my date on a quiet Monday evening...
we went to this place in Serdang
 despite the Monday 'buy 1 free 1' promotion, this place is still 'quiet'
 empty seats and tables...where have all the people gone?
I guess not many know about this 'Monday blue' promotion
 while waiting for our meal to arrive, I look-see look-see the cakes...
so tempting! Guess where's this place?
that's rite...we were in Secret Recipe!
I ordered kuey teow tomyum....without promotion this is RM18....but with buy 1 free 1, this bowl of noodle is only RM9
there are a few selection to choose from - spaghetti, chicken chop rice, and 2 more which I forgot....ol' liao eh...
u can combine any of the 5 selections, but u pay for the item that is priced higher.
Tastewise so-so only, but I m looking forward to try other items in the promotion menu...I shall wait for next Monday then...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Entertainment - Teresa Carpio

This singer has never fail to impress me...I first met her in person during 2014 Christmas and recently (just last 2 months ago) she was performing this lively show in 'the Voice'.
She is in her 60's and still as hot as ever!

Enjoy the clip and happy weekend!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday Entertainment

By now I tink u might already know what does 'xxxday Entertainment' here means....
It simply means that I'm lazy to blog and just put up some crappy stuff from YouTube to 'entertain' u readers....
*okay okay...dun throw eggs at me again....
(virtually shielding from eggs with both hands)

anyhow...this melodious song and the sweet voice of hers is so mesmerizing till it got me thinking of my 'high skool sweetheart'...
oppppssss.....I jst revealed my 'dark secret'...
Alrite...I never date my 'sweetheart' coz I was....ahemmmm......SHY
u know....i'm those demure looking....almost a 'nerd' kinda person.
ah shit!!! I revealed another 'dark secret' pulak!
anyway....the best part was I have no idea how those gossips cropped up back then when we NEVER talk to each other...
out of sudden, I thought of him after 17 years...
So, being 'mo-liu' i tried pairing our birthdate and was surprise to see a 100% compatibility!
oh GOSH, i have miss out a good chance.....

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

May is gonna be a busy month...

May is gonna be a busy month...coz i'm gonna sit for another certification exam....~~~sweat~~~
plus being assigned to conduct application training to SG clients...Am speechless coz I'm not familiar with that application...I tink I gonna 'kill' that client and my boss gonna kill me!
and worse still, some ISO audits goin on in the beginning of the month where I'd be indirectly involved :-(
I need enuff brain juice and focus to get my mind alert!
Working, studying and 'teaching' at the same time could be too challenging....
here's my 'stressed' look...I can't put on a smile...the upper face selfie will do
I need a blue-sky holiday!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Empire Sushi

Empire Sushi is a kiosk where you can get some cheap & affordable sushi. This brand seemingly expanding and now u can see them in some bigger malls around Klang Valley.
My fav is always their rice roll and onigiri...and I usually buy them whenever I pass by their kiosk during lunchtime...
Price starts from RM1.30 for a basic rice roll (egg/cucumber/crabstick/beancurd skin/tuna)...
There are a variety of sushi for selection...Quality is better than AEON pre-packed sushi, and some are so 'unique' that I never seen before even in established sushi restaurant!
Not sure how frequent they replenish their sushi, but I prefer to go on daytime to get the fresh sushi as they usually prepare them in the morning.

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