Monday, January 22, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 4 (Late Evening)

After Taipa, we adjourned to the Venetian...
this place is huge....it is impossible to explore the entire area within hours
anyway, we spent more time in the casino/hotels/shops inside the building since we were not interested on the exterior
the colorful & patterned facade provides a great background for photography
but not much people taking pictures here...
I tink people are more fascinated with the golden and luxurious interior inside these buildings
just look at the shiny floors...it made me dizzy as I thought I would fall
it's always daytime in here
this section is modelled after Venice, Italy
yes, there is gondola ride, but we did not try them out.
As we explored further, we saw this Victorian-style looking lobby....
Basically all shops in Venetian sells branded items....sort of our KL Starhill or Pavillion....
but since we are not high-end shoppers, we only glanced thru and walk away....
took another shuttle bus to Galaxy Macau to watch their 'Fortune Diamond Fountain' show
it was so mesmerizing & soothing to watch the fountain with coloured lights that changes every seconds
Galaxy Macau is another huge casino/hotel around the vicinity
just look at the replica....the size is almost equivalent to our Genting Highlands, spanning a few blocks!
I just can't get enuff of looking at the replica, to be amazed with its huge size!
After then, we took another free shuttle bus to Wynn Macau, hoping to catch their outdoor fountain show.
Yes, we managed to reach before the scheduled timing, but it was all quiet....No people, no fountain.
What happened?
The hotel staff told us that they are running short of electricity, hence no fountain show on that day :-(
aiseh, no luck to watch 'Live'....so go home watch You Tube lah!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 3 (Evening)

Continuation from previous post
From the Venetian, we took a public bus to a small village down south - Coloane.
Alighted in front of  'Lord Stow Bakery' hoping to get a taste of its Portuguese egg tart.
Unfortunately the shop was closed...
We were shocked to learn about this coz it should be open 'Daily' as stated on its website....
The staff told us that it is closed for cleaning (after the typhoon) coz there were no water & electricity for the past 2 days.
We were about to leave with disappointment....
but then.....she told us that there is a café that is opened....which is jst a few steps away
so, it wasn't closed entirely!
we found our way to the café, grab a seat and ordered these - ice lemon tea and tarts....for our desserts!
delicious looking Portuguese egg tarts!
while we were there, lotsa tourists/patrons came to buy egg tarts in bulk!
Brisk business in this outlet, these customers might have been directed by the staffs (from the original bakery) to get their tarts here, I tink...
The tarts were indeed good, creamy egg custard with flaky crust...freshly out from stove! so aromatic!
most customer here are foreigners - Korean, Japanese...only a few locals
after a cooling drink and satisfied dessert, we went out for a walk
along the coast ....
It was a sunny day but perfect for photo taking
we strolled along 'Av.de Cinco de Outubro' (according to Google map)
and see some typhoon aftermath ruins....yes, we got to see not just the Ruins of St Paul, but also ruins of Coloane!
fallen trees and debris everywhere...
Since we can't get in, we walk thru the back alley to check if it brings us anywhere...
most shops in the back alley were closed too....I tink the electricity has yet to be restored...And they only started to get water supply earlier that day, hence the locals were busy cleaning their premise...
In one of the church, the 'sisters' were busy washing and cleaning the furniture and floor
these century-old trees couldn't withstand the strong wind and fell onto the building (tis place has been cordoned off). I was there illegally!
this is how calm the sea looks like on a normal day...
Not sure what this building is, but it's architecture resembles some old buildings in Shanghai....
it has occupants (could be hotel or homestay?) but it was all dark inside when I peeped in....
after done with sight-seeing, we took a bus to Taipa (north of Macau island)
This quaint staircase leads us to the Taipa Houses Museum
as Taipa is situated nearby the Venetian, you can see the gigantic hotels/casinos afar from the hill...
and a garden nearby
Taipa & the casinos are bordered with a huge swamp area
the swampy pond
the entrance to Taipa House Museum is FOC, here you will see 5 houses which have been converted into house museum/gallery/souvenir shops. They are 'Macanese Living Museum’, ‘Exhibitions Gallery’, ‘Creative Casa’, ‘Nostalgic House’ and ‘House for Receptions’ (see http://en.macaotourism.gov.mo/sightseeing/sightseeing_detail.php?c=2&id=27#.Wl9CQOTHPIU for details)
tastefully painted in green
 the house museum
inside the house, you'll see a display of olden days Portuguese house furniture
which is exactly like some kind of 'show house'
 From there, we made our way to 'Rua do Cunha', which is a pedestrian street in Vila da Taipa, the town centre of Taipa.
We saw this shop selling local street foods for half price.
and decided to try this out - beef offal!
it was served hot & boiling from their huge pot...
we also tried their milk tea....all for half price!
we were curious as to why all items were priced at half price that day...
Their staff explained that they are doin charity deeds for the locals as most people do not have food to eat during the past 2 days (without water & electricity)....such thoughtful!
one of the Tai Lei Loi Kei outlet nearby the area...
and some colonials building that reminds me of Penang....
the pedestrian walkway are full of shops selling snacks and souvenirs...
 same franchises can be seen in other tourist spots in Macau.
to be continued...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tori Bento Set

Bought this bento from AEON for RM9 (after 30% off).
I also bought a Japanese cheesecake for RM13.90 for my dessert + breakfast + evening teatime.
 It was nearing closing time, thus I got a 30% off on the bento. Despite the last box, it was still as good & fresh. I like all the dishes in this box.
Clockwise from top: Teriyaki chicken, blanched French bean & carrot, potato salad, seasoned kombu, braised daikon with mushroom and carrots.
 I will buy this again...*if I ever see these dishes combination again

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simple Lunch & Dinner

This was my yesterday's lunch @ Tea Garden.
They were having some promotion for vegetarian meal where 11% off given on selected vegetarian items on the menu.
I had this crispy egg noodle for RM10.97 nett (inclusive of 6%GST, after discounted)
Tastewise so-so, would be better if the noodles were soaked long enuff in the 'warm' gravy so that it could be more chewy.
 And dinner was in the office with rice packed from home, added with miso seaweed soup.
There goes my miso soup 'gukbap' ;-)
simple meal for a simple person ;-)

Prosperity Burger is back!

Prosperity Burger is back!
with the curly fries as well...woohoo!!!
All the same, except the price has increased (I tink)...
Anyway, it's good to have this again after some time ;-)
this set costs RM15 (inclusive of 6%GST)
 on another day, I had Yoshinoya torikatsu curry rice...was craving for it since....
it wasn't that long...perhaps 3-4 months ago....
the chicken cutlets were so tender, curry may not up to par, but still acceptable.
This set meal (add on with miso soup + refillable green tea) is about RM21 (inclusive of 6% GST).

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Macau, Day 2 - Part 2 (Noon)

Continuation from previous post
From the Lisboa casino, we walked to the Senado square...
 the square is full of colonial style buildings built during the Portuguese era....
 the architecture resembles those colonial buildings in Malacca & Penang Georgetown
 the colorful facade of these buildings adds more vibrant to the city, with tourist taking pictures/videos even on a hot & sunny day!
Meanwhile I was busy finding shelter/shades, gonna melt under the hot sun....
we proceed our way to the hill top, passing by some churches and shops 
 it was a Friday (not even a weekend yet!) but the place was crowded with locals & tourists...
 it was a 30 minutes walks on the hillslope before we reached the footstep of Ruins of St Paul.
Yes, the iconic spot of Macau!
Climbing up the stairs really test my stamina...
If you ever wonder how it looks like from the back, there you go, multiple steel pillars supporting the structure. Some parts have also been cemented...
 Entrance is free, but this place is well guarded to prevent people from vandalising or ruining any parts of it.
A few steps from the 'entrance', it displays the history of this structure over the years and the restoration made unto it.
  there is a mini gallery downstairs, but basically nothing significant to see...
After a few photo sessions, adjourned down the hill for some snacks shopping...
 here's a view from the hill top, the tall building on the left is Lisboa Casino/Hotel
 there are lots of pastry house/bakeries/dried meat shops at the vicinity. Basically they are all franchises selling almost the same stuffs.
Most shop offers tasting/sampling. I went to this pastry shop and unashamedly 'feasted' on their variety of local biscuits/cookies. Their signature product is the famous almond cookies.
Noon time, we went for a simple lunch at Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記) coz was still full from all the cookies & snacks sampling earlier.
Tai Lei Loi Kei shop is famous for its pork chop bun!
the pork chop was very well marinated and grilled to perfection, not too dry nor hard despite the lean meat...
it was superb...and out-of-the-world...
I dun tink I could find such delicious pork chop bun in KL (even at its own franchise in KL)!
after then, we took another free shuttle to down south, passing by the Macau tower
 here u'll see some of the plants/trees 'senget' (leaning aside)....This was due to the Hato storm that blown them until senget.
Yea, the coast was badly affected (especially the construction side with cranes dangling and debris everywhere! see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/afp/article-4818278/Typhoon-leaves-12-dead-lashing-Macau-Hong-Kong.html for details)
 Reached the Venetian in within minutes. This place was so quiet and deserted like some ghost town...
 u hardly see any vehicle or people on the street during the mid day
 hello? hello? where are the people?
only later I found out that most of the casinos have just reopened after closed for 2 days (due to no electricity and water)...So basically people still thinks they are closed....or even if it isn't, there wasn't a mood for gambling as the entire place just recovered from disaster.
 Business was kinda slow even inside the casino...all empty tables, with hardly any sight of gamblers...
The casino/hotels are so gigantic, it makes me feel so 'tiny' being surrounded by huge architecture!
Anyway, this was just our stop-over while we hooped onto another bus to further south - Coloane!
Will be back to Venetian again later during the evening...

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